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StarsLa Belle School – 12091 1 St Pelham FL 33183 – 2. 5 starsLa Belle Schools Classroom, Florida Florida. 1519 1 Pelham FL 33183, Rated 4. 5, :The user who submitted the comment has changed their name in the past, but the comments are still visible for the other commenter to see. The user who commented is using their real name. The user has posted a similar message to at least one other personWhat are you doing. Are you seriously going to Florida to be a professional model. Your face is not pretty enough for anyone to buy anything from you. I would never hire you for my magazine. I also would never pay to hang out with you in a bar. This is obviously a terrible idea and if you do it, I will know about it. You will not find work being a model in Miami. The user continues to respond to the original comment until the poster deletes the entire thread with a simple click of the button. Ive been to Florida about a dozen times and never thought to search for modeling jobs there. The user continues their search and find the same site that has been trying to get them to leave. This leads to a number of posts about how bad Florida is to a woman who responded to a comment from a different user. I was on a dating site looking for a long-term relationship for a while. I had several dates and we even discussed moving to Miami in the future, but one of the reasons I decided not to go there was because of the comment you posted to me. I have been traveling a lot, and I dont see myself moving to Florida after all the negativity Ive seen there. You cant put words in my mouth. I cant believe there are people out there that think this way. You have made my life a living hell.

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