Madonna Fans Wonder If Pop Icon is Okay After 'Unsettling' and 'Unrecognizable' TikTok

Fans of pop icon Madonna wonder if she is OK after posting an “unsettling” TikTok video where several admirers claimed she was “unrecognizable.” The 63-year-old posted the unusual video to the social media sharing site. In the clip, the pop icon pulled her camera closer to and away from her face, which wore a blank expression. Madonna posted the snippet on Apr. 3.

Madonna regularly shares clips on TikTok

The entertainer boasts 1.6M followers on TikTok. In this new clip, she used her song “Frozen” as a background track.

The tune is from Madonna’s 1998 release “Ray of Light.”

She does not address her followers in the 13-second clip.

However, Madonna zooms the camera very close to her face before pulling it away again,

The entertainer styled her long blonde hair in braids. She wore a trendy outfit that included a sheer blouse, multiple chains, and lips that appeared enhanced or filtered via the app.

Fans wondered if Madonna was OK after what they claimed was an ‘unsettling’ and ‘unrecognizable’ clip

Throughout her long career in the entertainment industry, Madonna has been known for pushing the envelope in both fashion and music. However, this video appeared to cause more worry than praise from her fans.

In the comments section of the post, which thus far has over 207K likes, users shared their concerns.

“This honestly scared me, I’m not gonna lie,” wrote one follower.

“Sometimes it’s just best to just age,” penned a second fan of the difference in Madonna’s overall look.

“Has anyone checked on Madonna? Is she OK? This is unsettling,” exclaimed a third TikTok user.

“Gen X. Look away. This shall not tarnish our totally tubular memories of the ‘80s. Look away. I do not claim this energy,” said another social media follower.

Madonna will be the focus of a new biopic

Madonna is currently searching for a young actor to play her in a biopic, currently in pre-pre-production, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

The actors reportedly considered for the role include Inventing Anna star Julia Garner, Black Widow‘s Florence Pugh, Mayor of Kingstown actor Emma Laird, Euphoria‘s Alexa Demie, and singers Odessa Young, Bebe Rexha, and Sky Ferreira.

Madonna spoke about the project during an interview with Jimmy Fallon on his talk show The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in Oct. 2021.

“I’m doing it [the film] because many people have tried to write movies about me, but they’re always men, ugh,” she explained.

“I read Universal was doing one, and they sent me the script because they wanted my ‘blessing,’ and I read it, and it was the most hideous, superficial crap I ever read. Then I found out; I won’t even say his name; some total misogynist was directing. And I’m thinking, ‘why would these people make a movie about me?’ There’s nothing true in the script, the guy making it has no understanding, appreciation, or respect for women.’ This happened a couple of times,” she revealed.

“No one on this planet can write or make a movie about me better than me,” Madonna concluded to Fallon.

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