Machine Gun Kelly Speaks Out About Pete Davidson's Kanye West Drama!

Machine Gun Kelly is opening up about his friendship with Pete Davidson, and the comedian’s struggles online with Instagram abuse from rapper Kanye West.

And in true MGK fashion, he’s saying a lot of weird s**t along the way…

The 31-year-old rock star spoke to Howard Stern on the longtime radio talker’s SiriusXM show The Howard Stern Show this week, and their chat centered on Kim Kardashian‘s new boyfriend, among other topics. Stern couldn’t help but ask about Pete’s new high-profile relationship, and MGK was clearly very proud of his pal, saying “I’m so happy for him” and speaking glowingly about how well the Saturday Night Live star and the SKIMS mogul get along.

Still, there’s been plenty of drama surrounding Pete — specifically regarding Kanye. Picking up on the continuous, disturbing behavior pushed through the rapper’s Instagram account, MGK told Stern that he and Pete are just trying to figure life out and get on as best they can:

“At the end of the day, we’re young men trying to find our place in the world and figuring it out. It doesn’t really help when you’ve got a million voices ripping you apart, or telling you, ‘You’re doing this wrong.’ We’re all just figuring it out, man. This is life.”

The rocker, born Colson Baker, added:

“We love everybody, man. We have so much love. It’s almost like, if we need to be the vessels for people’s anger, so be it. That must be why we’re here. I do hope that they can feel our spirit and see that we love you.”


Like, that’s fine. It’s just gibberish, but there’s no harm done for MGK to say random s**t about how he has “so much love” and is “just figuring it out,” or whatever. Do you, man! It’s not like he hasn’t said a bunch of weird things to the people he loves before! The only thing is, it’d be nice if Kelly could live by his own sentiments here?! Let’s not act like he wasn’t just the focal point of two massive and highly disturbing controversies that resurfaced earlier this month…

Perezcious readers will recall how recently-unearthed old footage posted to social media showed MGK disgustingly sexualizing Black women while verbally abusing a red carpet witness who walked away from his inappropriate tirade. Then, not even a day later, a second old video clip surfaced showing the Bloody Valentine singer creepily sexualizing a then-underage Kendall Jenner with adult-themed comments about statutory rape that should make your skin crawl!

So forgive us if we’re a little bit skeptical about MGK sweet-talking Howard Stern about having “so much love” after seeing sick old stuff like that.

Just saying!

BTW, Kelly also told Stern a little bit about his wedding plans with Megan Fox. The musician explained that his wedding party will be pretty sizable, with the King of Staten Island star hopefully standing right alongside:

“I think my side is going to be an army. I have so many close best friends that have been with me for all these years. I think Pete’s absolutely going to be standing there with me. We should mic him just for commentary. I was blessed we both came into each other’s life at the right time.”

So, that’s nice.

What do U make of MGK’s comments about Pete, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF with your take down in the comments (below)…

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