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When You re ready Let Me Take You To Lux. T see any of them approach you. Remarks a middle-aged brunette who is wearing a little black dress with a white bodice and a black vest over top of it. Before you can react, she reaches out and touches your hand. T bother you if you just come right out and answer my questions. T need to keep trying to find out who I am.

Salon – Konstablerwache, Frankfurt am Main. The doors burst open and the guardsmen fall to their knees. You look over at a guard in a shiny dark blue suit and see several others wearing similar suits. You dont see a gun in their hands, but you see a few of them standing and moving towards the group. You take off running for the station entrance. You dont realize it at the time, but it is all being recorded. Suddenly you are knocked back by a flash of heat from the guards, and then you feel an impact on the back of your head. You manage to pick yourself up and get out of there. You dont see any guardsmen running from the scene and the area is clear. You turn aroundYou turn around and see just what happened. You see two other guardsmen kneeling in front of the guardsmen that fell on your head. Fuck you and your buddy that hit me, you fucks, and let that goo-covered asshle, go. Im not doing anything, the other guardman says with an expression like he is trying to not laugh. Are you seriously telling me youd all still be alive if we didnt shoot the fucker who tried to run us over. But the point is, we all got hurt and I sure as hell aint going to get a bullet in me head. Plus, I got my two friends right here, so who do you think Im going to shoot first. The other guardman has gotten a little closer and he points to you and says in a cold tone,It was I who knocked you down. And I am saying that it was I who stepped in front of my friend who probably would have been killed had I not intervened. Thats bullshit, hes lying, you say to yourself as the other guard takes a knee. Fuck, I thought we were on friendly terms. Maybe I should put a bullet in that son of a bitch, he says and opens his palm. You raise your hands so you can give him a hug.

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