Lucy Spraggan fears lockdown caused flare in homophobia: Something has changed

Lucy Spraggan has shared how she thinks lockdown has led to a rise in homophobic incidents after experiencing various harassment incidents over the past few months.

The singer, 30, split from her wife Georgina Gordon in 2019 and has since entered a new relationship.

However, Lucy, who first found fame on X Factor in 2012, has said she’s been the victim of homophobic comments lately, including one incident where she was holding hands with her girlfriend at a festival.

“I’ve never had much homophobic abuse in my life but since we came out of lockdown I’ve had four separate incidents,” she told The Sun.

“And a man just called me a ‘slag’ on the train for no reason. It feels like something has changed and I feel it at the shows at the moment.”

Lucy went on to explain how a man had shouted a slur at her and her girlfriend over the summer as well.

She recalled: “I played Boardmasters festival in Cornwall. Afterwards I was walking along with my girlfriend and a couple of friends – and a guy just turned around, looked at us holding hands, and was like: ‘D**es!’

“We just looked at each other like, ‘What?’ The nature of people sitting in their house on their computer for two years where you can make a comment with no consequence . . . it has washed out into outdoor society.”

It comes after the star received an outpouring of support after her and her girlfriend wereforced to cut their holiday to Malta short after experiencing homophobic abuse .

The couple left their holiday early and later posted a photo of themselves on a spa retreat they’d taken instead, thanking people for their support.

Reality starChloe Madeleycommented on her post: “Absolutely disgusting behaviour and Im with you, it’s sickening that anyone ever had to deal with it at all, let alone now, in 2021, after a worldwide pandemic and a new appreciation of the human experience. I’m sorry for you both.”

Another person penned to Lucy: “I’m so sorry that this is still happening in this day and age. There must be something very wrong in these people’s lives for them to think that this behaviour is ok.”

British transgender activist and author Charlie Craggs also commented on Lucy’s post, saying: “Im so so sorry Lucy, relate to this feeling so hard, so f***ing tired.”

Fans of the star also shared support with one saying: “Omg that’s awful that is disgusting and disrespectful. Don’t ever forget you are f***in awsome xx”

Another penned: “Hate that what should’ve been a lovely experience was tarnished by f***ing ignorance. I hope your spa experience was mint! X”

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