Love Islands Faye Winter walks out of interview over question about having kids

Love Island favourite Faye Winter dramatically "walked out" of her interview with podcast host Will Njobvu during his latest Reality episode, but thankfully the blonde beauty was simply staging a hilarious ending to the show.

The 47-minute chat saw the pair cover everything from past Love Island dramas, current contestants, the highly-anticipated return of Big Brother and "getting the ick," and it was a fun laugh-a-minute for the duo.

But as Will thought he was asking a simple question to round things off with his latest guest, things took an incredibly awkward turn.

The host asked: "What's the next step for you and Teddy [Soares], do you see yourselves having children anytime soon?"

With a sudden frown, 26 year old Faye replied: "Well, I feel like this question Will, is just not a question I'm gonna answer, that I shouldn't answer. I actually think it's really rude to ask a woman that kind of thing, I get it a lot, and I just think for me…"

Completely taken-aback and embarrassed at the prospect of upsetting Faye, Will started profusely apologising.

"Oh I'm sorry…" he tried, as a woman in the background chimed in: "I actually agree with that."

Looking over to her PR or assistant, former estate agent Faye stood up in protest.

"Are we going now, are we going?" she asked the woman, as Will insisted: "I didn't meant to offend you or anything Faye. Sorry I didn't… wow."

Realising Faye had stormed out of the studio, the podcast host told the camera: "Um, I guess that's it. I guess I offended Faye by asking that question, um, it is what it is.

"I didn't mean to offend her, it is what it is. Hopefully…"

Just as the host seemed primed to wrap up a disastrous ending, Faye bowled back into the shot with a laugh. "Obviously I'm joking!" she squealed with a cheeky grin.

Looking on the verge of hysterics or tears, Will exclaimed: "I was speechless! I was like oh my god…. come round and give me a hug."

What's more, Faye rubbed her flat tummy to the camera as she teased what's to come for her relationship. "Once Ted decides… oh come on we want babies," she giggled.

"I was literally like oh my gosh, oh my god," Will carried on in shock, as the former islander assured her host he could never offend her.

"Faye, she doesn't hate me, that's confirmed," Will finished the chat, and fans flocked to the comments.

"Lmao I really thought she left, I was like really?" one person posted on the YouTube video clip.

"hahahaha classic chaotic Faye!" another laughed, followed by: "Faye is beautiful how can you not love her she is honest and loyal she is glowing Teddy obviously has our girl very happy love them both cheers from Australia."

"OMG- I actually lost sleep over the trailer you posted yesterday ! I loved this interview- Faye just being her 100 per cent honest, true self. She got you Will!" another fan added.

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