Love Is Blind Season 2 Trailer – WATCH!

The smash hit is back!

Fans of Netflix‘s reality show Love Is Blind are havin’ a good day today! And that’s because the trailer for the second season just dropped, teasing all sorts of connection building, awkwardness, and enlightening DRAMA!!

Ch-ch-check it out (below):

Last season viewers watched as strangers from all over came together to get to know each other on blind dates — except, the dates were more blind than your usual ones. Nobody can see what the other person looks like! Separated by a screen partition, participants “hang out” on their dates by truly getting to know each other through non-biased conversation. After a number of dates, the cast members who’ve found genuine connections can narrow their list down to the person they’d like to — wait for it — PROPOSE TO! Then the series takes us on their journey to the aisle, which, as fans know, doesn’t always end well.

Yeah, no s**t, right? We know. But for some it works REALLY well. Lauren and Cameron Hamilton from the first season are still together three years later!

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Sadly, it looks like this season won’t end in the same happily ever for everyone.

Who will be the runaway bride be this time? And why?? (Please tell us it’s not because someone is 24. #IYKYK)

Season 2 drops on February 11, right in time for Valentine’s Day! Will U be tuning in?

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