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This is a great company, and I really dont see them lying about any of this. They really didnt provide any information about them except the name Love Beauty which sounded like a website. After all this time, I was actually hoping to find evidence of a crime. Just to be safe, you wait a few more days in your cabin. The only person you talk to is the little girl in the cabin the most. She seems very shy and almost doesnt want to be left in the woods. She seems to get all excited when she talks about other things. The only other person you see out in the world is the little boy. He seems to just play in the woods and doesnt interact with anyone. Its been some time since youve left your cabin. You cant remember if youve had visitors in the past. You think youve just been going about your life. You do remember one time when you were very young and you think you were visited by a spirit. You know it couldve been one of those little girl spirits, or maybe it couldve even been that strange little boy spirit. Either way, you really want to get any sort of info out of them, so you wait on some sort of contact. Time passes and you know youre going to have to see what the little girl is like without her, then youll know what to expect. You go out in the forest and see if you ever see her again. You leave the cabin and go out into the forest and get the best view of the woods. Then you go back in and see if you ever see her again. It doesnt seem to be her out here either. Shes just a little girl inside her cabin. She seems really small because she has a small frame, but who knows. You do know its not her out here. You go back to the cabin and you ask the woman who lives there about something that could help you find the girl. She says she doesnt have anything interesting to tell you. She says she thinks its just a boy spirit and that she thinks its out there somewhere. A couple more weeks pass and youve been wandering in the woods for quite sometime when you hear a noise behind you. You turn around and see that its a little girl with an angry face wearing a green robe with a large blue ribbon tied around her waist and a green and yellow cape.

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