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If youve been playing along with any of this stuff, you are currently in the company of a demon. Well like any demon would know, it means you are in the possession of a demon. The idea of possession makes you uncomfortable, but you have to admit, its a little scary. You know, you have a lot of things you would like to do with your life. You just hope that you can keep your mind from getting taken over like it has with the other demons in the house. You sit in your room getting ready for bed in silence. Nothing really of consequence is going on and if something is going on it its not even that important. Suddenly, you hear a loud ringing noise, like a phone. No caller name, no number, nothing. Your phone is probably dead or the receiver was fried when that demon was fucking you in the ass. You take a look at your phone, it must be working. You get out of bed and look at your phone, but you dont see anything out of the ordinary on it, you see that it is indeed not turning on by itself. You try calling someone and nothing happens either. Then you realize that you cant use your phone in your hand. You cant use your phone like you would use it to look up information for a place to eat, or even to call a friend. It has been replaced by that thing the fucker possessed you with, which you know is a demon. Your phone is now a fucking instrument of terror. You feel like a fuckin idiot as the noises being made by the demon on your phone start to become louder and more violent. It starts ringing in your ear and it hurts like. Well like a regular human ear pain, but it hurts a hell of a lot worse than that. You swear you can taste the fucking demon blood on your tongue. Your face feels like it is going to explode from the pain. The sounds are getting closer and closer and they appear to be coming from a kitchen area. You immediately jump up from your bed and run out of your room, jumping into the hall as you run. You run down the hall and slam your hand against the wall, trying to get something to block the demonic noises that are now getting louder and nearer. Suddenly you hear a loud noise in the kitchen. You look around and immediately see that it is not from here.

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