Lounge that sits hidden behind a working pawn shop…

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T want to deal with them any longer. You leave this town and begin your journey home. You also see a convenience store across the street. You wander across the street to the convenience store and get a few things from it, like milk, juice, bread, candy, etc. You continue looking around and while the place looks small and rundown, you can see that there are a few rows of tables inside. S not occupied right away so you can check out the place a little more. T want to spend the day staying out late in the rain, so you decide to head home. S a nice girl and she really wanted to be with you. A quick glance inside the first table shows that the place is a mess and you recognize a few of the ingredients as the same ones you made the past few days. You look at the ingredients on the other table and see that they are all the same as well, but there are a lot of new ingredients too. Re looking at, but they are even more expensive, and the rest of what you see is all marked up.

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