Lorraine Kellys daughter opens up on presenters weakness – Its a difficulty

The Cube: Lorraine Kelly admits she struggles with left and right

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Lorraine Kelly, 61, admitted she finds it “difficult” to get her lefts and her rights correct. She made the revelation – which is very common – as she and her daughter Rosie, took on The Cube for the Christmas special on Thursday night.

I’m hugely clumsy!

Lorraine Kelly

The pair had a tough time as they took on ITV’s giant perspective box, but their introduction might have been a sign of thing to come.

As they spoke to host Phillip Schofield at the beginning of the episode, he asked Rosie what her mum’s strengths and weaknesses are.

Looking towards Lorraine, Rosie replied: “Left and right is a difficulty,” she said as the presenter winced.

“I don’t know my lefts and my rights!” she chimed.

“And I’m hugely clumsy!

“Not a just a little bit, I mean, I fall over my own feet so this is going to be great…”

The audience bust out laughing as Lorraine added: “It’s going to be fantastic!”

And as soon as the first challenge began, the pair realised they were in trouble as they couldn’t get past the first game, losing seven of their nine lives in the process.

In the end, they opted to simplify the task but still couldn’t complete it quick enough.

The task required them to pass coloured blocks to each other through a small gap.

Throughout the duration of the challenge, they dropped blocks and crashed them into each others, leaving Phil, the audience and viewers watching at home in utter despair on the sidelines.

With his head in his hands, Phil couldn’t hide his frustration as he continued to shout out for them to be quicker.

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As he went over their errors with the mother-daughter team, he exclaimed: “I’m going home!”

Rosie also admitted she wanted to give up and go home too as it was “horrible”, but luckily the next attempt saw the pair triumph.

“I don’t think I can take anymore!” Phil cried, as he rolled around the floor in desperation, hoping the next game would go well for them.

With £1,000 already in their funds, Lorraine and Rosie flew through the next two tasks in one go without losing their two remaining lives, and secured a whopping £10,000 for their chosen charity.

Happy with their takings, the pair decided it was best if they left with the money before taking on another task, just in case.

Phil understood their thinking, as he told them: “What a tough start, but you both redeemed yourselves beautifully by nailing those games.”

The Cube Christmas Special is now on ITV Hub.

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