Lorraine Kelly opens up on scary time Kate Garraways husband Derek fell incredibly ill

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Lorraine Kelly, 62, has worked with ITV since 1988, having her own show Lorraine since 2010. During the first lockdown in 2020, Lorraine had to move her show to the GMB studios and has admitted in a new interview that her co-worker Kate Garraway’s husband Derek Draper’s Covid diagnosis made the ITV breakfast team “more determined” to stay safe from the virus.

It was scary.

Lorraine Kelly

Derek was hospitalised with Covid in March 2020 and was placed in an induced coma.

Kate is a regular presenter on Good Morning Britain, making the prominence of Kate in the studios and her difficulties a worry for most in the studios.

Speaking on The Vanity Project with Vanity Von Glow Lorraine spoke about the early stages of lockdown and Kate.

She said: “We had minimal crew and I moved into the GMB studio.

“My chair was disinfected and even when Piers Morgan got up they disinfected.”

Lorraine continued to talk about how her team stayed so safe during the mad months of 2020.

She continued: “Everyone was really on it and actually very few of us at that early stage got sick.

“I think as well we were so aware of the fact that our friend Kate Garraway’s husband was so incredibly ill.

“It actually made us even more determined, not only to keep doing the show but also to be very very careful.

“I think we all forget what it was like back then, it was scary.”

Kate has heavily documented her family’s journey with Covid, and even grabbed an NTA for her documentary Finding Derek.

She was also made an MBE in the New Years Honours List, with a second part of the documentary airing this year.

Speaking about her husband on GMB last month Kate admitted that he is “phenomenally fatigued at the moment” and “very weak”.

Kate said the family had gone to a pantomime that had not worked well for Derek.

She admitted: “But he thought it was worth it.

“It was a special thing to be sitting there with the children, holding their hands, doing something normal, but it took everything out of him.”

On Piers Morgan’s Life Stories last year, Kate admitted that the virus had “devastated” her husband’s health.

His digestive system, kidneys, liver, heart and nervous system were still dealing with the repercussions of the virus.

The long-lasting damage means that he requires 24-hour care from Kate and medical professionals.

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