Loose Womens Nadia Sawalha copies Kylie Jenner’s Met Gala look leaving fans in hysterics

Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha copies Kylie Jenner’s Met Gala look leaving fans in hysterics

Nadia Sawalha, who often entertains her followers with cheeky Kim Kardashian impressions, decided to recreate younger sister Kylie Jenner’s Met Gala red carpet look yesterday. The Loose Women presenter took to social media to share a hilarious video of her makeshift outfit, leaving fans in stitches. 


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Nadia, 57, mocked the billionaire’s elaborate white gown and backwards baseball cap with her own homemade version of the look. 

To compare, she first showed a video of Kylie posing for the cameras in her gigantic white dress. 

She then spoofed Kylie’s Met Gala outfit by jokingly striking her own poses in a similar ensemble. 

Nadia captioned the video: “Kimmie really let me down at the Met Gala this year…

“Thank god Kylie kept to our promise to go for full out glamour!”


Nadia is known for mocking the Kardashians’ outfits on her social media page and she didn’t let her fans down.

Complete with white netted tutu, some leggings and what appeared to be a bit of toilet paper stuck to her chest, Nadia’s outfit definitely earned some laughs. 

“Absolutely cannot stop laughing and I need a pee,” commented one fan named Tracy Ann.

While Simon added: “Your Insta reels are the highlight of my day, you never fail to make me [laugh emoji].” 

With more laughing emojis Julie added: “I really don’t think they all realise how ridiculous they are.”

Kylie, 24, posed like a pro

Kylie, 24, could be seen posing like a pro for the camera in her elaborate bridal gown.

Nadia, 57, copied Kylie’s memorable look

Nadia, 57, posed in another white outfit imitating the star’s all-white ensemble 

Kylie, 24, wore an expensive gown fit for the altar

Kylie, 24, wore a gown that included a dramatic ruffled skirt and a draped bodice atop a mesh T-shirt with the Off-White logo. 

Nadia, 57, kept her outfit cheap and cheerful

Nadia, 57, wore a white netted tutu and matching tank top with what appeared to be toilet paper stuck to it. 

Kylie, 24, added some unusual accessories

Kylie, 24, accessorised with a veil attached to a backwards baseball hat.

Nadia, 57, left fans giggling with her make-shift accessories

Nadia, 57, also wore a white baseball cap with some netting attached to it. 

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