Loose Women’s Kaye Adams says ‘awful’ injury left her ‘unable to walk

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Kaye Adams, 60, opened up about how she wasn’t able to walk upstairs following an injury to her knee. The Loose Women star went on to reveal her leg “stopped working” while she was travelling through central London two weeks ago.

The ITV presenter admitted her injury had been the result of a tough fitness class she attended with people “half her age”.

The star described the indecent on her How to be 60 podcast, which she co-hosts with friend Karen MacKenzie.

“It was awful,” she remembered. “My leg just gave up on me. I was in the middle of London.

“I was walking from Goodge Street to Bank and my leg literally stopped working.”

Kaye went on to describe how she was unable to get on the London underground due to the injury.

“It was so embarrassing; I couldn’t get up the stairs at the tube station,” she explained.

“You know when you put one leg up first and then you drag the other up, you look like Frankenstein’s Monster.

“I just couldn’t understand what was happening to me. Usually at a tube station I flamboyantly skip up and down the stairs – ‘look at me, I’m 60 and I’m skipping!’”

The star even went on to joke that she felt the urge to call Karen and “ask to borrow your Nordic walking sticks!”

The former Strictly Come Dancing contestant revealed the injury had been caused by a high intensity F45 workout.

The idea is to build strength and endurance in a quick 45-minute session, where participants can expect to burn up to 750 calories at a time.

“I’m too old for them. It’s heavy-duty circuit training, weights, burpees, all that sort of stuff,” the presenter admitted.

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“I’m twice the age of everybody else in the class and I’m really starting to feel it and now I’m going to have to go back and underneath my lycra leggings I’m going to have an elastic bandage – it’s just going to look f*****g tragic.”

She went on to lament how the incident had made her feel “old” due to the way her knee now looked.

“It’s sore,” she said. “And the worst thing is that it was all puffy and there’s nothing more ageing than a puffy knee. An elastic bandage on your knee and you’re old.”

Kaye is Loose Women’s longest-serving presenter, first joining the ITV show in 1999 before leaving in 2006.

The anchor then rejoined the show in 2013 after serving as a regular panellist on Channel 5’s daily morning show The Wright Stuff in the intervening years.

These days, the Scottish star hosts the morning show on BBC Radio Scotland weekdays from 9am to 12 noon.

The How To Be 60 podcast with Kaye Adams is available to stream now.

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