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You suffer minor damage to your screen and can no longer go back to work. You rub your eyes and try to focus on your surroundings. Your mind wanders and you begin to feel things. Your eyes are still watching the surrounding area. You can feel them moving over the woods as if they are alive, watching you all the while. You open your eyes and stare into the trees. You can now see your surroundings in better detail with your vision. The darkness has been replaced with a bright orange light. You can also see the nearby street lamps in the darkness. You can see the car in front of you. You lean up against the car and wait. Suddenly, you hear the sound of screaming coming from outside. You can see a light coming from the right side of the house. You stare at the light and peer through the window. You look over at the car and see the driver standing there in the car. You need to choose your next move when the right moment comes. You run awayYou get as close to the car as you can without being noticed and then you run off into the woods as fast as you can. Your legs hurt so you stop to rest them and just get as far away from the light as you can.

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