‘Little People, Big World’ Star Jacob Roloff and Wife Condemn TLC’s Response to Josh Duggar’s Child

The 24-year-old TV personality and wife Isabel Rock take issue with the fact that the Duggar family will continue to have a show on the TV network despite Josh’s alleged crime.

AceShowbizJacob Roloff and his wife took issue with TLC’s decision in the wake of Josh Duggar‘s child porn arrest. Upon learning that the “19 Kids and Counting” star’s family will still have a show on the TV network despite his current alleged crime, the “Little People, Big World” star and Isabel Rock expressed their condemnation on social media.

Making use of Instagram Story on Friday, April 30, Jacob shared a screenshot of writer Kara Calavera’s tweet containing news about Josh. In the bottom of her tweet, Kara noted, “The Duggar family continued to have a show on TLC.” The statement was then highlighted by the 24-year-old TV personality.

Jacob’s wife Isabel then reposted his snap on her own Story feed. After their Stories were uploaded on blogger Katie Joy’s Instagram account, she left a comment that read, “And of course their recent statement is as disappointing as their last.”

Despite speaking out against TLC, Jacob realized that the network played a major role in his family’s lives. Taking to his Story feed, he penned, “When I’m emotional I say things like ‘TLC shouldn’t exist’ ‘ reality TV is inherently toxic’, etc., but half of my family earns a living that way, and I don’t want to actively undercut their well-being.”

“(Of course, the question of ‘how long should you do a toxic thing that benefits you otherwise?’ is quickly begged,” the reality star went on noting. “Rather than despair, I smoke a joint about it and try to do best by the kids in my live.”

Jacob Roloff realized that TLC has played a major role in his family’s lives despite speaking out against it.

This came after TLC issued a statement in response to Josh’s arrest. “TLC is saddened to learn about the continued troubles involving Josh Duggar. ’19 Kids and Counting’ has not aired since 2015. TLC canceled the show on the heels of prior allegations against Josh Duggar and he has not appeared on air since then,” so read its statement.

“19 Kids and Counting” was canceled back in 2015 after a police report from 2006 unveiled that Josh molested five teenage girls. His sisters Jill Duggar and Jessa Duggar were among his victims. Despite the cancelation, its spin-off “Counting On” started airing on the network.

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