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The Christian Science Church is a Christian-baseds founded, founded, founded, founded, by, and stillCommunity. See our Privacy Policy for more info. All other company and product names or trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. What would the first act of office for Ohio Governor Tom Wolf be. The answer, it turns out, is a little different than one might think. Ive thought a lot about the first thing after I wake up in the morning, Wolf said. A lot has been made of Wolfs recent trip to Japan. It was there that he spoke with Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko. The two leaders had no quarrels of any kind. But if Wolfs next act was to get out of the way, it was not because he was a pacifist or averse to confrontation. It was because he was focused on getting something done first and foremost. He did not have time to tour the country. He didnt have time to hold a news conference with reporters on the issue of the day. He didnt have time to talk with the Ohio Chamber of Commerce about any number of regional and national initiatives. You want to just sit down and talk, weve got a lot of things that are important that we can do and could do and have to do in a short period of time, Wolf said. But youve got to see the big picture. Wolf has a lot of work ahead of him both here and in Washington to accomplish. The governor said he would not be just a rubber stamp for Republican President-elect Donald Trump.

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