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In front of an audience of millions, Jennifer Lawrence gets the most votes. Youd expect a high-profile movie like this to have the biggest star power, but in this case, the fans have spoken. The Oscars would be a little less predictable, and a little less boring, without Jennifer Lawrence. If you knew what was on the other side of that envelope, you might vote for someone else, but you cant afford to go through that ordeal. You didnt really think you were ever going to make it to that point. After shaking your head in disappointment, you answer the door. My name is Emma, and I live down the street. Emma nods and heads down the door, while you sigh in frustration. Re going to have to come up with something to make it more interesting. You get up from your chair and take a look around the living room. T done anything productive for a long time. You remember that you still have your PlayStation 2, so you grab it and head to the kitchen. Emma calls down the hallway, her voice slightly muffled. You open the door, revealing that Emma was right. You say, grabbing a box of Cheez-Its and a bag of potato chips from the kitchen. You grab a plate as well as a large, black-handled knife and a small kitchen knife to cut up the beef. You open the bag, and find more Cheez-Its and potato chips. Emma says, reaching her hand out to shake yours. M sort of busy right now at home, so I was hoping I could meet you later.

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