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Fanselow is a well-known French mathematician, astronomer and natural philosopher whose inventions have played a significant role in improving the technology available to the United States in the Revolutionary War and its aftermath. Fanselow was particularly credited with the invention of a mathematical formula for determining the strength of the gravitational pull on a celestial body. Fanselow also proposed geodesic domes and the theory of aether. Additionally, he was heavily involved in the development of the first American flag, which was designed by his famous son who served as a major in the Revolutionary War. As someone who has always been fascinated by the history of mankind, Fanselow is a fascinating man and someone who always has been willing to answer questions about his famous ancestors. While Fanselow himself was hesitant to answer a lot of questions about famous people, he did state that his ancestors were not the first Europeans to see the North American continent, having read and been informed of the fact by the Portuguese in the 15th century. S genealogy, was so inspired that he sailed to North America and lived in Canada for a time. Fanselow then suggested that Von Richthofen might be a descendent of him. S genealogy then goes on to indicate that he was born in France in 1545 while he lived in Louisiana. Plus, he is a French citizen who has a lot of fame in Europe and thus is probably worth more as a money-lender. If Fanselow believes that Von Richthofen is his ancestor, then this means that Von Richthofen is also descended from a European. Well does that mean I can borrow all of your descendants. T see it indicated that your ancestor was a European. I believe you mean the first European to conquer North America, yes.

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