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Its obvious to you that even if you made the big announcement, theres no way the celebrities would move here, especially since you know theyre all using this as an excuse to stay in L. However, you do think it would be fun to watch the people who you think are going to take the biggest hit. You open up the file on the file cabinet on the right and search for the most recent entries. Theyre all about celebrities who are looking to get back in shape for roles. Who wants to bet that all of them are going to wind up in Canada. You also see many people mentioning that theyre having trouble supporting themselves in Los Angeles and Los Angeles is right smack dab in the middle of Los Angeles. So you take a bunch of people of many different ages to start your own reality show in Toronto where everyone can live and work. The program is called, The Ultimate Workout and it will air in Canada. The stars of the program will be you, your wife Megan and the one man team of your team-mates Scott and John. Youre really excited about this idea so you and Megan make all the preparations. Youre buying a house in a suburb called Markham, near Queen Street E. There are six of you living in the house where you all get ready for work, going to the gym, going out for drinks, hanging out and just generally getting our youre selves into shape. You are all very excited about working out together and making this show happen though you do realize that things arent going to be going as well as you would like. Youll also have to find some money to pay for all the talent so you also need money for that as well. You also start getting in touch with all the people you know who are in the reality TV scene where they all pitch you their shows and what their expenses are. You decide that youre going to have to pitch the idea to as many people as you can. You decide that Megans friend Jessica will represent you. If you can get Jessica to come on with you, itll give you a bit more of a chance. The morning of the final challenge you wake up and get ready as Megan leaves for work. You have to be prepared to pitch your idea to potential producers. It makes you wonder why shes taking so long. You head to your desk and look at the file cabinet. Theres quite a number of entries on the file cabinet and you find that one of them is an entry about some singersongwriter who left Los Angeles to move to Toronto. This is the perfect opportunity to write your new reality show.

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