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If you were a pop star, youd be famous in no time. Justin Bieber, you guessAnd, Demi LovatoAlso, you sort of wish you knew what the fuck was happening on her Instagram. You continue to the next floor Youre on level three of this warehouse. Its empty, and you can hear a lot of noise. You look around to see if there are any exits. You cant stay here any longer. Take a rest, go sit on your ass on the couch, watch a movie, whatever your need to do. You have nothing to hide from the world, youll never be able to fully enjoy yourself because it will be exposed anyway. You head back to the bathroomThe door to the bathroom opens, and you exit back out the door. You dont know what the fuck youre going to do in there, but youre not thinking about the bathroom right now. You leaveYoure a private individual who just likes to indulge in your inner self and keep your mind and heart pure.

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