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On the third page is the list of celebrities you could possibly care about in pop culture. There are also some hashtags you can use that are relevant to your interest. You scroll through the rest of the pages and see a whole lot more stuff. Re going to need your phone with you on this trip. You feel good enough about this to not care at all about what some stupid list of people says about you or how they feel. T imagine it looks much different that it does from your own home. Re a little bit surprised to see someone you know, sitting on the toilet in there. Re not going to look away from the person in front of you when you pass the toilet. Re going to continue to look at them and think about them. And suddenly, the person in the bathroom sees you looking at them. M here about the list I was supposed to send to a friend in New York. Ll probably be looking for a new place to stay when this is over. Do you have a place to stay you could stay at. I guess I was just happy to be able to go somewhere on my list.

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