Lisa Lopes, 1971-2002, Natalie Neidhart, 37…

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Andre 30 years old on April 27th. The dates above are all actual birthdays of celebrities. May 27 is definitely not a real birthdate. Additionally, the dates on the calendar are not necessarily in order. So the day before and after the one above are not actually the birthdays of celebrities. As you are aware, you have been given a few days to choose which celebrity to assassinate. All of the celebrities listed below are well known to you, and you feel it is safe to assume that they are all likely to be targets. You have been selected to be the one to do the deed. KevorkianYou quickly scroll down the list of celebrity birthdays to find the day that Dr. After spending a few minutes looking up the death date, you select the day of your assignment. You know that you will have to assassinate at least one celebrity on that day. Madam XanaduAfter reading up on the history of Madam Xanadu, you feel confident that you will be able to accomplish this assignment successfully on this day, which is April 29. You are excited just thinking about what you are going to do. You April 29The next target is a woman known as D. You quickly read up on the history of this woman to find out a little more about her. Madam Xanadu was a madam in the District of Columbia who operated a brothel. She also had an unusual medical skill because she was said to cure sick people of their infirmities. The more sick people she treated, the more money she earned. She gained a bit of fame during the Gilded Age, but has fallen out of the limelight since then due to various scandals. You have been on other missions when you have only been given a week, and so today will be different since.

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