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The series, The Beasts, A Mans Quest, A Mans Wisdom. You join the FBI, FBI: Bureau of Investigation, You join the FBI: Bureau of Investigation. Theres more to the stories you hear over breakfast as you wait for your shift to begin, but you decide to put it off until youve seen some things for yourself during your shift. When the FBI agents arrive for your shift and you go to greet them, you notice they have no uniforms. All of them are dressed in suits and ties, but you are reminded of the movie Office Space. You are assigned to a high-risk unit consisting of agents assigned to New York, the Washington D. Bureau, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. You spend the majority of your shift in Washington D. The day shift is in New Jersey and the night shift in Pennsylvania. Each agent is a member of a different division of the FBI: New York, Hacker Division the Washington D. Cyber Division the Los Angeles, Human Smuggling and Petty Crimes Division the New Jersey, Drug Enforcement Division and the Pennsylvania, Terrorism and Special Activities Division While all members of your unit have the same specialty, Hacker Division each agent has a different personality and each has assigned a supervisor. As you are about to leave your trailer for the day at the FBI Headquarters, you and your partner are summoned to a meeting room by your supervisor, a woman about your age who wears glasses and a suit. For the sake of the story, lets call her Sue. Were here, you say, standing in front of your partner. Sue looks at you and looks up as if evaluating if youre lying. Youre not going to keep us waiting. You leave your partner and go to Sue, who is standing in front of a table with paperwork and a pen and paper.

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