Lily Allen and David Harbour got a marriage license in Las Vegas recently

When Lily Allen posted her one-year sober announcement on Instagram, I mentioned that people wondered why she wasn’t vacationing with her boyfriend, David Harbour. Many of you gave very good possible reasons, too. But some folks at other sites questioned if this meant the end of their year-long romance. Nope! The couple just filed for a Las Vegas marriage license so I guess they’re getting hitched!

It looks like Lily Allen and David Harbour are planning to wed!

The 35-year-old singer and the 45-year-old Stranger Things actor obtained a marriage license in Las Vegas, via TMZ on Tuesday (September 8).

The license information says that the couple acquired it on Sunday (September 6), and it’s valid for one year to the date, meaning that they have until September 6, 2021 to get married before it expires. It is also possible that they already had a wedding in Las Vegas, but have not yet filled out the certificate.

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For a couple that came out of the gate hard with street PDA and fawning over each other on social media, David and Lily quickly went underground. But instead of it being a case of the heat fizzling out, it looks like their passion led them to solid, lasting love instead. I’m happy for them. Both David and Lily have been through some real personal journeys that led them to where they are now. Career wise, David is still working fairly solidly, and Lily is finally back in the recording studio. Going by their Instagram pages, David looks to be a big part of Lily’s daughters’ lives and now he gets to be their stepdad.

I’m wondering about the information being leaked like this, though. I almost feel like the couple wanted this to serve as their announcement. Maybe they feel if they don’t discuss it directly, people won’t feel entitled to any details and they can go off and marry on their own terms. Or maybe it’s just an honest leak. It’s hard to tell because David and Lily did such a 180 from how much they put their relationship out there in the beginning to how quiet they are now. It’s great, they are living their love on their terms, that’ll make for a successful marriage. I know they don’t owe me anything, but I hope they post pics – I imagine they’d have a really fun wedding.

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