Lil Nas X Says Chloe Bailey Means the World to Me

Lil Nas X is gushing over his relationship with Chloe Bailey!

The two were both in attendance at the Variety Hitmakers Brunch this past weekend, and she even took part in his star-studded TikTok video.

In a recent interview, Lil Nas X shared what his relationship with Chloe means to him.

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“She means the world to me. It’s like I’m living in this generation where all these new artists are coming up — not saying ‘out with the old’ — but it’s crazy when there’s like this shift in generations of what the kids are listening to and what the teenagers are listening to,” he told Audacy at the Audacy Beach Festival.

“I’m just happy to be a part of it, and I think she’s one of the leading forces in that. She puts so much effort into everything she does,” he continued. “She has one single out and she’s pushin’ it like there’s never been another song out before.”

He even said that he teared up at her speech for him at the Hitmakers brunch, where he was honored with Innovator Award.

“It was the best speech I’ve ever heard about myself… I was literally in the audience like ‘um, wait a minute.’ I thought she was gonna be like, ‘Ok Nas you’re great, you have hit songs, come and get your award.’ But she gave a thought-out, ‘I care for you’ speech,” he said.

In Chloe‘s speech, which you can watch in full below, she says, “Maybe once in a generation an artist comes along and literally changes the world for the better… By Being exactly who he is and commanding attention, by creating a universe that is both undeniable and exceptionally entertaining, he’s kicked in the door.”

Awww! We love this friendship!!!

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