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Sarah Kraus, Yellow Raincoat, Cardboard Cutout. Katherine Daniels, Red Raincoat, Cardboard Cutout. You will see a List of Shelter Designs on the Table. After a Time you will be Reset to your Current Home Location. You make a name for yourself as a street performerAs you finish your new identity for yourself, you decide to see how the other half lives. If this is the life of a street performer, then you decide that you want to make a name for yourself by performing for your new fans. After all, it is the small things like that can make a big difference in your life, even big things like a job. This means that you also head back to the concert hall and start performing for your first live audience. You perform as the Sugar Baby, and soon enough, people are begging to play for you. Your name in the local papers is all thanks to your performing. It is only a matter of time before a few potential employers are approached and encouraged to employ your talents. You continue performing for your fansUnfortunately, while this is all a lot of fun, you decide that you want to be more than just a Sugar Baby, that is the name of your second identity. You become a street performer and perform for the streetwalkers, drug dealers and beggars of the streets. You make a living from this by picking up odd jobs. Most of them are in security work and most do not even learn what they are doing. Eventually, you even manage to make enough money that you are able to buy a small home near the local park with your earnings. This is a way more lucrative way of life than what you could be doing as a Sugar Baby. You eventually move into it and live there happily ever after. Having to work and still being a very poor person, its not exactly easy. Another problem is that while your Sugar Babies are still grateful for the financial support, sometimes they lose patience and take out their frustrations on you. As the years go by, the problems of the Sugar Baby lifestyle are starting to get more severe, At least for you, and it is starting to be affecting your health. You tend to develop bad skin, acne and other forms of bad skin while doing some of the jobs that you used to be able to do. At one point in time, you almost gave up but you keep on trying no matter what. You are about to give up altogether when you get a knock on the door.

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