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If you dont wanna do it, dont do it. I always knew I would end up on here, but I didnt think it would be for a math test. What a great way to spend a day off of math. Let us all join together to celebrate life. The next song is about the end of the world, but its really about how Im still in love with you. I love you, were the only ones who know that. I love you, Im just not sure what to do. I guess Ill just have to tell you myself. I didnt mean for this to happen, but here we are. I guess I should just tell you myself. Im sorry I didnt make more of an effort to save you. You have to say this, because people dont really know you like I do. Youll find out soon enough, who knows how long it could be. Ive been feeling pretty down lately. I know youre getting ready, so lets go. I want the song Beating My Head in8. And please dont forget to thank me when youre done. Well then, I guess youll see me soon.

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