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A good place to start on what can be a challenging task. I have no idea what that last link is about, but you are probably right. I will probably add a few more this weekend, so if you are a gay celebrity, or someone who would like to be added, please let me know. This is a conversation between Mature man and A little girl. Mature man: Youre the little girl I have been seeking for. A little girl: sigh So, what kind of things can a person do to a person. Mature man: Well, a person can be cruel. Mature man: Then a kind person can be cruel to a wicked person. But it takes more than just malice to inflict pain and agony on a person. If a person has the desire, then he can cause pain to another. It seems to me that you, from what I can tell from the details youve given me, lack both the desire to hurt me and the strength to inflict it.

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