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You grab the phone from your face and take a swig of your beer. It isnt the greatest imitation, but for just a few thousand you can do a better job in a few hours or less. Just then you spot a blue van with a smashed out passenger side window and a few blackened tires. S the van driven by a girl wearing a bikini and carrying a stick of grog. S riding shotgun with a burly man on each side. The pair of them are completely out of place in this beach town but nobody seems to care. You look over to where you saw the pair of them speeding away but nobody is there. You turn your head back to the window. As you keep your eyes glued on the pair of them, your body tenses up. You begin to sweat, the alcohol has had an effect and the anxiety of not being able to find them is getting to you. With a few quick shuffles of your feet you manage to make your way up and across the street. The two girls are walking towards you now with their arms out the window while the man has stopped to watch everything from his car. Re not really walking fast, but you make sure you keep your eye on them, since if they run they will just disappear from your line of sight. S going flying backwards off the road hitting your legs from the waist.

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