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You fill out the applicationThis is all a bit too much for you. You begin to hyperventilate as more and more ideas begin to flood your mind and your legs begin to shake. The last thought that you can form is:I must find a new life. You run away from the houseYou need to find somewhere else to live. The only place you are familiar with is probably your parents house on Northfield Avenue, but it is on fire and you do not wish to run or take a chance that you might lose your life doing so. Your options are limited and you have come to the conclusion that you must flee from the house of a mean and evil family. Your only chance is to seek refuge in the home of a person or a pet who you believe will look after you; you remember a cat named Mary who lives in a room on the top floor with her owner. You think it would be best if she knows your secrets and the two of you will hide from Sally-Beautys dogs until you can find a hiding place to escape to. You take a deep breath and run up the stairs to the door of Marys room. You find that she is not home, but that it would still be better to think that she is, and then make a move on her house. You quickly take off all of your clothes and head towards the stairs. Sally-Beauty is not home, but you think that if you crawl into her bed as fast as possible, she will probably not even notice. You feel as though you have been on a long and terrifying journey, but it is over in an instant as you land into bed and fall asleep. The next day you feel a little better and start to put all the pieces together in your mind. You must have felt frightened and a little scared for the cats on Friday, but they turned into a large black dog and ran away. You had not expected something like that. You have to run away from something you cant even believe even exists. You have a feeling that if you really wanted to you could escape from the house. The only other place you recognize as being safe is a place of the old school you went to in high school named East Hill – but it is at the same time a bad place and is notorious for drug use. Your first thoughts are to run into the woods and hide from the dogs. There is a place called The Green Room where a lot of other people hang out, but you could probably get caught there. There is probably a way to get in, but then you would also have to start hiding again from the dogs, which would only be worse. You hide in the Green RoomYou decide that you want to get as far away from the house and Sally-Beaut.

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