Lester Burnham is a middle-aged magazine executive who despises his job…

This post about American beauty sex scene

You see a group of people getting out of a limo. The middle-aged stage director is the one who speaks to you. Re really not one of the fans, are you. Ve made an effort to look like a fan. Uh, yeah I spent maybe five minutes just looking at the screen and making sure I got the facial expressions right. Ve had to work out my jaw a lot. At this point the stage director gets up and runs over to the limo. A big spender and fan of high-brow art, a snob with no true understanding of true fandom. Re just going to go to see the film for free, like they do with some TV shows, or they might even show up in the parking lot and try to get in for free. Re just rich fucking assholes that we have to cater to.

Post about American beauty sex scene