Leonardo DiCaprio is taken with Gigi Hadid, they are having a good time

It’s been fascinating and hilarious to watch Leonardo DiCaprio scramble to do damage control on his breakup with Camila Morrone. I don’t think Leo has ever been clowned on that hard before for his dating style and his nasty habit of dumping women around their 25th birthdays. He didn’t expect to become the butt of internet jokes. So his damage control has been very desperate and very obvious. He’s trying to deflect the criticism by publicly pursuing an ancient spinster named Gigi Hadid. Gigi is 27 years old and a single mom. That’s how desperate Leo is – he’s actually going out of his way to pursue this crumbling ruin of a woman!! I don’t know why Gigi hasn’t told him to take a hike, but I also think Gigi’s picker might be “off.” So here we are, here’s the latest from DiHadid/LeoGi/GiLeo.

The budding romance between Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid is slowly heating up. The Oscar-winning actor, 47, and the supermodel, 27, who were photographed together at a New York Fashion Week party at Casa Cipriani Sept. 10 “like each other and are having a good time,” a film source says in the new issue of PEOPLE.

Though DiCaprio recently parted ways with girlfriend of four years, model Camila Morrone, 25, he “is taken with Gigi,” according to an entertainment source. “She is the type of woman he is usually attracted to.”

The pair have known each other casually for years. “They sort of run in the same high profile circles and would see each other at events, clubs, restaurants and gatherings,” says the film source.

But there was never an opportunity to connect because they both were in relationships. The acquaintances only sparked after DiCaprio split from Morrone, and Hadid—who ended her rocky five-year romance with singer Zayn Malik in October 2021—caught his eye. “A smart and successful girl like Gigi would intrigue Leo,” says the film source.

Despite their mutual attraction, DiCaprio and Hadid, who has a thriving career and a two-year-old daughter, Khai, with Malik, 29, are in no rush to put a label on their situation, which is not yet “serious,” according to the entertainment source.

“Leo has not been out of his relationship with Camila long enough to jump headfirst into anything,” according to another insider, who doesn’t rule out a reunion. “I am not sure he is completely finished with Camila. That was a long romance.”

As PEOPLE previously reported, DiCaprio has been spending time in the Big Apple, which Hadid calls home. He has been spotted exploring the city while Hadid has walked in shows for designers like Tom Ford at New York Fashion Week. “He really likes that she has her life together,” a source previously told PEOPLE. “She has a child and she’s mature. He wants to be with someone who has the same idea of good causes and political views like he does.”

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I could feel Leo’s publicist choking on those words: “She has a child and she’s mature. He wants to be with someone who has the same idea of good causes and political views like he does.” Anything to stop the bleeding for Leo, who is clearly so fragile, he could not handle one week of Twitter jokes about his age limit. Let’s also be clear about something – from what I’ve seen, the leaks and quotes are coming entirely from Leo’s camp. Gigi and Bella can be very discreet when they want to be and very obvious when they want to be. The Hadids are not driving this gossip. Yolanda Foster hasn’t called anyone up yet. This is all Leo and his camp. So what is Gigi getting out of it? I hope she’s getting more out of it than just flattery and vibes.

Also: I believe that Leo isn’t in settling-down mode whatsoever. He’s a creature of habit and post-breakup, he usually stays single for about six months before selecting his next under-25 girlfriend. Gigi is being used as little more than a PR fling before Leo “settles down” with a 20-year-old next year.

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