Lena Dunham has been one of Hillary Clintons most vocal celebrity …

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S really all you want to know. You ask again after getting your answer. S time to make the decision of whether you are going to support Hillary Clinton for President. Re going to need your answers fast because if the Democratic debate, which happened Friday night, was any indication the race for the White House is very close right now. Re not giving me the whole truth right now. You head back inside, where you see other people still lined up. S time for questions now and there will not be a break for a couple more minutes. S going to be there, when a familiar voice comes out. I know how much you want to be on stage with her and I really hope you realize that. Re going to get through the door on your own. Look, no offense Hillary, but this is really bad timing and I just want this over with. S go to the media tent and get ourselves situated.

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