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Youre going to have to get out of this city before its over for us all. Ve lost a lot of control of your life. S apparent that something strange is going on and the situation will get much worse before anything will get better for you. Luckily your group manages to successfully kill all of the enemies, but you suffer a lot of losses yourself. Ve got ourselves a whole mess of undead and Ogres running around. T the first group to run into problems here. M guessing this place has been a death trap for countless groups before ours. S going to bite me in the ass in the future no matter what. T be handled by just a couple of your group. I guess we can either split up and handle one problem at a time or try to handle the situation as one would with a single larger force. You say and Talia shakes her head. I think we should try to take this thing down ourselves.

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