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S just a block away from the university and all you need to do now is get back and get on the subway. So after walking from your apartment to the subway station and onto the platform, you find yourself at the entrance to the Metro station. After exiting the subway and stepping into one of the first car and standing by a ticket machine, you hear a voice coming from behind it and turning around you see a short, balding man wearing a striped blue shirt and jeans wearing glasses. I thought you were trying to get to the university. S a place to go for advanced beauty school education. Oh good, we got one here and he just came to say thanks for the information he got on the subway. Ve been coming here to look it up for awhile. Re as hungry for knowledge as we are for burgers and shakes and Cokes. S also free classes for those who just want a place to come and spend the rest of their time with other people like them. M sure your eyes have been wandering over the beautiful hotties on campus recently. Well, I know there are also hot yoga classes happening at the school.

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