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The campaign also includes, marketing social media,the, real beauty, campaign, that unites all girls, the worlds, beautiful young women, and, the best, in real beauty and love this is the idea behind the campaign the social media, and the book. The play is Beautiful Hits: The Best Actress in Her Best Act. You watch the videosYou watch the videos through your cell phone and you cant even see the girls as they are too small. You are really beginning to worry about this Dove campaign. The videos are funny and the girls are talking about their lives and some of them are just adorable. The women in these videos seem more like they are real then you thought they were. They all look like they could become celebrities. Even though you were just watching the videos as a sort of therapy, you find yourself talking about them on the phone. I just think that there is something off about using teenagers for this sort of thing. I mean you cant know what their personalities are. I mean if one of them is a criminal, maybe you wouldnt want to advertise that. You look at the clock on your cell phone and realize you have to get home soon. Its already 8:00pm and you are still a few more hours to go before you have to get back. Maybe you should go back to your room. You go back to your roomYou go back to your room because you dont want to deal with the girls. You go back to your room and you think nothing of it. You turn on the TV and see that nothing of interest is on since there is no one on the tube other then some infomercials. You go to bedAfter you get to your room, you sit down on your bed and wait for sleep to take you. You think about the videos you watched and feel nothing but boredom.

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