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Maybe you could shorten it to something shorter. You think about it briefly, then you throw your phone to the side of the couch. T need to be distracted from listening to that shit right now. Fuck, I really need to get a new car though. You say to yourself as you go and start defecating. T really one of your preference, you prefer to be in the evening hours or night. Re actually sort of glad you stopped at the Super 8 Motel. D just go to the studio, but the Super 8 Motel had all the normal shit you need to get to the studio in the first place. S trying to figure out a way to help you. T want to start fucking up the studio again. You spend hours working on your music, trying to find a way to make it work, but it is sounding good. Re finishing up the last of the vocals, Bobby comes in to check on you. M going to need to start working on the album now, before Bobby gets to work on his wedding. T need to do that, we can do it when Bobby gets married. S a good idea on your part, but we can do it later. Well, I do need to get a drink first.

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