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You Learn The Basic Essence Of Yourself By Making up your self In The Beauty School Studio. You enter the studio and see the first person to walk in. She turns around and immediately sees you, she looks at you and goes up to you and hugs you and you say Hey its nice to meet you. You both stare into each others eyes and smile. Finally after you say that you start hugging her back and she kisses you and you feel the very softest caresses of her lips all over your body but she doesnt let go until you say I love you. She looks at you one last time and turns around and walks out. You have a feeling that this is going to be one of the most satisfying things you will ever do in your life. You decide to ask what type of skills you need to be a makeup artist and she turns down your offer. She says there is a makeup school here and if she gets in it wont be long before she can get her own studio. She also says she knows another artist who is working on getting a big line of her own makeup. You were right about her wanting to become a big name but is she really doing it, is she actually having fun making makeup. You find the schoolYou head to the store and say you want to find out more about the makeup school. She says that they have a class and workshop but they dont teach it to you. She tells you that the teacher is a very special teacher and when you ask about her, she tells you that she runs around giving workshops all throughout the day so you better get over to the school. You decide to go to the school anyway and ask a couple of the girls if they could teach you to be a makeup artist. You are excited at the prospect, its like someone finally sees your talent. You arrive at the School and say you want to learn make up, they all seem very surprised that you are interested. You ask if its really free of cost and they give you a small fee and you go up to the front desk. You have no idea how to pay them but they are very nice and they tell you how you have some free supplies which seems nice but they are very rude to you and dont even let you try on anything. Then you say get me my stuff back and they tell you they will be in front of the board of directors soon to talk to about it. You dont like the way this is going, you are here to learn make up but they are just rude. You keep onYou decide to keep on and keep on until they take.

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