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Lachte in der op je enlijk bijnaand.

Om dit te vieren profiteer je deze maand van 10 korting op je behandeling. The Beauty Bar, Amsterdam, NetherlandsBeauty Bar is an in-house salons that offers the highest standards in beauty treatments. Their staff is knowledgeable about beauty, but also helpful with everything that is needed to keep their clients looking and feeling beautiful. The Beauty Bar is a favourite amongst Dutch beauty salons and their products are widely available throughout Europe. NlBeverly Beauty, Amsterdam, NetherlandsBeverly is a salon in the heart of Amsterdam, which allows you to create your personalised beauty routine. Their salon services feature a variety of high end skincare, hair and body treatments and they also offer a wide range of body products. Beverly is a favourite for those looking for great salons with modern beauty treatments. NlAquasalon, Amsterdam, NetherlandsAquasalon is a highly acclaimed Swedish beauty salon dedicated to healthy living. This highly professional salon is fully accessible to those of all shapes, colours, sizes and life stages and offers excellent products and services. Aquasalon offers a wide choice of products and services for people living with skin problems, and their salon takes pride in developing and testing new treatments and products in house. Their aim is to use their energy and products in a way that they are not causing damage to the environment. Their skincare and body treatments are offered by one of the most experienced and experienced beauty therapists in Amsterdam. LAquasalon offers a wide choice of body treatments, all of which are offered on the premise of providing a healthy lifestyle. NlLe Salon, Amsterdam, NetherlandsLe Salon is a Dutch-led salon dedicated to the highest quality of skincare. Their highly experienced staff provide excellent quality skincare, and all products are sourced from the UK and Europe.

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