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You vote for AdeleAdele Bloch-BauerYou just cant deny the charm of this womans voice and her face or the way she describes Gustav Klimt. You have to admit, your eyes do light up when she says, When I was fifteen, I saw Gustav Klimts masterpiece, The Garden of Earthly Delights. It was one of the first paintings Id seen that I was instantly transfixed by. Laurie Lico AlbaneseIm pretty sure you do not need to read the essays of this writer in order to decide if he is an excellent writer. The other artists have an idea of what you are thinking of when you mention painting, but I am sure they will be quite surprised to learn that he is a great composer. Well, okay then, let me introduce you to someone who has been listening all night, or rather all week: Johann Sebastian Bach. Suddenly the room goes silent and the entire room is filled with a sense of sadness. I just dont know the first thing about music. You tell Laurie you were just playing around and that youd like to leave. Laurie says that he understands and says he will take you to your car. You dont understand what you have to do, but you know you have to go to the airport in time for your plane. You go to the airportYou must leave, you have to. You follow Laurie and you are able to convince him to go a few blocks ahead of you. You have to meet his wife and they are always so nice to me. All three of you are walking on the street and you pass by a woman and her two children. You look into the car and see Laurie with the beautiful blonde woman in his arms. He looks around as if he wants to say something, but then he stops his actions and gives the woman some money. You stop your forward momentum as you see the children walk up and stare in the car in fascination. Your mind goes blank and is unable to think of anything, but this woman is just too special. You feel like you have to say something to her, but you cannot think of anything. You think about the countless times you have driven by this woman and her husband just as you are now and the feeling is always the same. It is an emotion of joy that you just cannot put into words. It is the same feeling you feel when you drive up to an airport, and you have to meet your friends.

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