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CoverLJ: LJ, now thats a more interesting name than the one on your drivers license. What the hell is all this and why are you still reading this thing when you can be writing. You use the time to go outsideYou decide its not for you so you turn it off. M going to go out and get something to eat. Oh what are you doing up until now. Eh, just sat here reading for a few hours. Re in the city, go get yourself some food. You go out and ask some random guy on the street for some food. Re on a list and he knows it means less work for him, but you manage to get something to eat. S one of the few things that gets people to stay in a store for very long and he wants to stay in the store. Re left hungry so you go find some more food from one of the fast food places. You end up eating a large amount of food, not the best thing to do after a large amount of physical activity like you had just done, but you certainly need to fuel up. Re not even tired like you were for the other activities. You never felt this way about anything before. You never felt this way about your sex. T see how I could ever love someone else. You take a deep breath and realize you need to step out of this world. You are going to have to re-evaluate what you want out of life and the answer is going to surprise you. Re going to go on some sort of adventure that involves no social inhibitions that will probably get you in trouble.

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