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ASTRONOMYIts safe to say that the Titanic is one of the most well-known and famous ships in all of literature, but are you familiar with the fact that there were actually two ships called the Titanic. The first Titanic, named the Olympia, was the passenger ship that was to travel from Southampton to New York with 1,200 passengers and 9 crew members. On April 10th the doomed vessel, now renamed the Titanic, was ready for launch when it suffered a fire on the ships third deck by a small oil-filled lantern. That fire killed more than 900 people and the ship, with the loss of all lifeboats, ran aground in low-lying waters in the early hours of April 14th. However, that ship is not the Titanic as we know it today, even though the majority of the passengers aboard that vessel perished in its wreck. Indeed, it was only in the course of researching this article that I discovered that these two ships were actually two different types of ship: an American passenger liner, the Titanic, and a Swedish cargo ship, the Olympic. The first of these is what has come to be known as the old-style Titanic. It didnt have a steel hull, which was one reason the ship didnt make too many contacts with icebergs. Like the name suggests, this ship didnt have the latest technology. The second of these, much more modern than the old-style Titanic, was a Dutch vessel called the Olympic. She was built in 1914 and was more than a match for the iceberg that ultimately sank the first Titanic.

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