Larissa Lima FEUDS With Jess Caroline: What Happened?

Sometimes, people form lifelong friendships and bonds over sharing the same awful ex.

We all saw as Larissa Lima and Jess Caroline bonded over what Colt Johnson had put them through on 90 Day Fiance.

Now, they have had a serious falling out, and Larissa has been trashing fairweather friends and condemning hypocrisy.

“Jessica, girl, you [better not] play with me!!!” Larissa warned on her Instagram Stories recently, as preserved by the ever-vigilant 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates.

She admonished Jess Caroline to “Delete my photos that I took with you for the OnlyFans!!!”

Larissa then warned: “The s–t is going to get dirty for [both] sides.”

“[She] used me to argue with Vanessa [Guerra], my ex Colt [Johnson],” Larissa accused.

“And now,” she wrote, “is using my photos after I blocked your ass because you bailed me the day of my surgery? Poker face!!!!”

It is unclear why she used poker face as an insult, but she continued in a video, also captured by John Yates and included in this post.

There, Larissa explained that Jess had left her hanging after agreeing to pick up Larissa after one of her cosmetic procedures.

In addition to accusing Jess of flaking, Larissa had already stated elsewhere that only two friends of hers had really checked in or wished her well before and after her surgeries.

Even we here at THG had wished her well, though none of us have met her, so that was shocking to hear.

Now, Larissa is opening up to In Touch Weekly about exactly what went down.

“Jess and I formed a friendship because we had something in common bonding us,” Larissa acknowledges.

“Of course, she is also Brazilian, which is another factor of our once-friendship,” she adds.

Larissa expresses: “It’s a bad feeling when you come to the realization that a friendship you thought you had was one-sided.”

“A true friendship is unconditional,” she states, “but that is not what we had.”

“I gave my best efforts to promote and to help build a larger following for her social media with my time and money,” Larissa recalls.

“The friendship is not reciprocated with what she can do for me,” Larissa laments.

She says that it’s not reciprocated “because she simply doesn’t want to unless it benefits her.”

“Not only do I feel foolish,” Larissa expresses, “I am hurt.”

Jess, on the other hand, says: “Honestly, there is no gossip, there is no feud, Larissa is fighting alone.”

“Me, as well as other friends, am concerned for her well-being,” she adds.

“I am at peace and have no interest in getting into this as it doesn’t resonate with me and the type of person I want to be,” Jess says.

“I’m heartbroken she is pushing everyone away, but ultimately, that is her choice,” Jess concludes.

Since then, Larissa has seemingly indicated that she and Jess are no longer at war, exactly.

But it remains sad that Larissa and Jess’ friendship did not last. Their fans have a lot of overlap, after all.

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