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And Im thinking to myself, you know, the more I read these things, the less I know about myself. Im not a stripper or whore or whoresqueeknow; Im a writer, Im a human being and my life is my work. Im also thinking that the way I really feel about this woman, how I really feel about this book, is that Im going to give it 10 out of 10. I want to give every fucking thing that I have to you. And you can give it to me, because youre a generous and kind and honorable guy and because I know you love me. I used to know you back when we were little boys. Now I never saw you, but I heard stories; stories about you from friends, stories from your classmates, stories from other kids who played with you and played with your father. He used to say that if anything happened to you, that you have a son who would step up and fill your place. If anything were to happen to me, I have a daughter who would step up and fill my place. I always thought about you and I always thought about your father. Now, I think of you and I think about what youre thinking about. I think about what youre thinking about your book and about me. I think about what Im thinking about my book and about you. But if its true as you say, that your mother is dead, then you two must have a history.

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