Kris Jenner Celebrated Galentine’s Day With … Lori Loughlin?!

Now this is a pairing we would not expect!

The KarJenner clan had a very busy Valentine’s Day. Kourtney Kardashian spent it on a romantic trip with her fiancé, Kim Kardashian spent it fending off her ex-husband, and Khloé Kardashian spent it being showered with love by friends and family. So what did their momma Kris Jenner get up to, you may ask? Well, unsurprisingly, there was some Kylie Jenner promo involved. Perhaps more surprisingly, so was Lori Loughlin.

Yep, the infamous Full House alum was part of Kris’s intimate Galentine’s Day gathering, which was also attended by billionaire Tammy Gustavson and beauty and lifestyle expert Kym Douglas. Kym, whose soap opera star husband Jerry Douglas passed away in November, explained the occasion on Instagram. She wrote:

“It will be my first #Valentines Day alone in 40 years. My friends didn’t want me to be by myself so we had a little Galentines day dinner at @krisjenner ‘s w @coreygamble @tamgus & #LoriLoughlin Now I am not dreading V day I had such a sweet night with these wonderful friends. I realized Valentine’s does not have to be with a lover or partner, it can be just as special with friend’s, family, your animals, a neighbor or a good book . Love comes in many different forms. May your #valentines be sweet.”

Aww — that’s actually a very heartwarming backstory for this gathering, even if the guest list has us raising our eyebrows! Kym shared a few snaps from the event, including a group shot of the gals and Corey Gamble (posing with boxes from the Kylie Cosmetics Valentine’s Day collection) and a short video from Kris’s festive table setting.

A post shared by Kym Douglas / TV Personality (@kymdouglas)

We may have been surprised at the formerly incarcerated actress making the cut at this exclusive affair, but we guess rich people tend to stick together. (Only Kourtney and Rob Kardashian completed undergraduate degrees, but can’t you imagine Kris pulling a similar college scam if Kylie had needed it?) As it happens, the ladies are also neighbors in the very swanky enclave of their Hidden Hills neighborhood, according to the real estate site Dirt.

Anyway, somehow Lori is low on the list of controversial figures in Kris’s inner circle right now. She surely had enough on her hands dealing with the fallout from Travis Scott’s Astroworld tragedy, and now she’s likely putting out fires from Kanye West’s dogged harassment of Kim. At least Tristan Thompson is mostly in the rearview mirror now, but a momager’s work is never done!

Honestly, when we think about it, Kris really deserves a girls’ night. Hope you ladies had a fun evening!

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