Kourtney Kardashian's sustainable fast-fashion plans spark backlash, plus more news

Kourtney Kardashian dragged on social media for ‘sustainability ambassador’ appointment

Kourtney Kardashian’s new role as “sustainability ambassador” for the UK-based, “fast-fashion” brand Boohoo sparked a wave of criticism on Twitter this week, with users slamming both the reality star and the controversial brand for teaming up on two sustainable, limited-edition collections set to debut this fall. “A private-jetting Kardashian worth $65 million is now ‘sustainability ambassador’ for fossil fuel fashion brand boohoo …,” sniped one Twitter user. “We absolutely KANNOT.” For years, Boohoo has been accused of both damaging the environment and subjecting workers to unsafe conditions and illegally low pay, according to a report from The Sunday Times. And judging from her social media statement about the new collaboration, it seems the reality star may have been filled in on this not-so-positive backstory. “When boohoo first approached me with this idea that was all about sustainability and style, I was concerned about the effects of the fast fashion industry on our planet,” Kourt shared on Instagram on Tuesday, Sept. 6. “It’s been an enlightening experience speaking directly with industry experts,” she continued. “There’s still lots of work to be done and improvements to be made, but I truly believe that any progress we can make when it comes to sustainability is a step in the right direction and will open up the conversation for future advancements.” The collections are set to launch at New York Fashion Week later this month and feature 46 pieces made of “recycled fibers, traceable cotton, recycled sequins and recycled polyester,” the Daily Mail reports. But as one angry Twitter user put it: “BOOHOO MAKING MORE S*** IS NOT SUSTAINABLE IN ANY WAY.” Another blasted the involvement of “a Kardashian” as a “greenwashing” move to prevent consumers from engaging in “critical thinking” about the fast fashion industry’s carbon footprint, while multiple users noted the Kardashian-Jenner family’s well-documented history of unsustainable lifestyle practices. “This can’t be real life … A Kardashian as the sustainability advisor??” asked another critic on Twitter. “This rock in space is actually done for … This is the literal perfect culmination of all the crap Boohoo can possibly do rolled into one.” According to the Mail, Kourtney’s appointment comes after Boohoo was named one of the UK’s “least sustainable fashion brands” for 2019 by Parliament’s Environmental Audit Committee. In 2021, Boohoo CEO John Lyttle reportedly told the BBC the brand planned to have 20 percent of its collections sustainable by fall of that year. He also vowed that 40 percent of Boohoo’s ranges would be sustainably produced by summer 2022, per the Mail.

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Angelina Jolie accuses Brad Pitt of taking over French winery as ‘retaliation’ for her divorce filing in $250M lawsuit

In a new, $250 million lawsuit filing, Angelina Jolie claims Brad Pitt took over Chateau Miraval, the French winery the two purchased as a couple in 2008, “in retaliation for the divorce and custody proceedings” that commenced when Angelina filed to end their marriage in 2016. According to Page Six, the suit was brought by Nouvel, the company Angelina founded to handle her winery investment, and claims Brad and his associates intended to “ensure… [Angelina] would never see a dime” from the winery’s profits. Filed in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Sept. 6, the lawsuit also reportedly accuses Brad of trying to make Angelina sign a “hush clause” to prevent her from talking about what led to their split, and alleges he spent millions of dollars of their company’s cash on “vanity projects.” Since both Angelina and Brad owned a 50 percent stake in the estate, which they bought in 2008, “much of [Angelina’s] personal wealth” went to Chateau Miraval, the lawsuit claims. The actress and director goes on to claim Brad managed the winery investment while Angelina handled their joint “humanitarian projects,” according to the outlet. The suit claims Brad then “developed a publicly acknowledged alcohol abuse problem,” before detailing the private plane fight the two had in 2016 that precipitated Angelina’s divorce filing. “In retaliation for the divorce and custody proceedings,” the suit further alleges, Brad “embarked on a multi-faceted, years-long campaign to seize control of Chateau Miraval and appropriate the company’s assets for his benefit and that of his own companies and friends. Appointing himself the rightful owner of Chateau Miraval, his twin objectives were to usurp the value of Jolie’s company, Nouvel, and to obtain sole ownership of Chateau Miraval.” Other claims made in the suit include allegations Brad “hatched and executed a plan to secretly move assets from Chateau Miraval… to companies owned by him and his friends, thereby devaluing” his ex’s interest and spent money on updates to the site despite Angelina and her company’s “objection.” Angelina further claims she “offered to sell her interest” in Miraval to Brad “and negotiated with him for months” before he allegedly “made an eleventh-hour demand for onerous and irrelevant conditions, including a provision designed to prohibit Jolie from publicly speaking about the events that had led to the breakdown of their marriage.” The filing is reportedly a countersuit that serves as a response to claims made by Brad’s legal team about Angelina’s alleged handling of her share of the winery.

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Norman Reedus reflects on ‘terrifying’ head injury on ‘The Walking Dead’ set

Norman Reedus dodged zombies for years as Daryl on “The Walking Dead.” But it was the concussion he suffered on the set of “TWD” that he thought would kill him in real life. Norman, who’s survived a variety of serious and potentially life-threatening accidents, was injured on the set of the show while filming the series finale on March 11. And while his rep minimized the injury, announcing that the actor was “recovering well”and would be back at “work soon,” Norman recently admitted to Entertainment Weekly that he actually feared for his life following the accident. “Oh dude, that was horrible. That whole ordeal for me personally was terrifying. I thought I was going to die,” he said in an interview published Wednesday, Sept. 7. “It was very serious. It was scary. I’ve been hit in the face and the head a million times. I’ve gone through car windows, but that one rung my bell.” It also apparently scared his medical team enough that he required specialists, extra tests and safety assistance at home. “I had a neurologist. I had all sorts of s***,” he recalled. “I failed the light test. I had a security guard in the driveway, just in case. I was holding onto the walls walking through the rooms. It was nuts.” The injuries he sustained during a 2005 car accident in Berlin didn’t help matters. “I have headaches already because I have a metal eye socket and light sometimes affects me in weird ways,” he explained, recalling how he was warned not to answer his phone, watch TV or even turn lights on. The fact that his recovery required a production pause so close to the series’ finish line “was bothering” him too, he said. Norman ultimately recovered, though, and returned to finish shooting the finale. It airs Nov. 20 on AMC.

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Jane Fonda vows not to let cancer diagnosis ‘deter’ her in new health update

Jane Fonda says she feels “stronger” than she has in years following her first round of chemotherapy. In a blog post published Tuesday, Sept. 6, less than a week after the star revealed she’s been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Jane acknowledged that she’s felt “deeply moved” by “all the expressions of love and support” since she shared the diagnosis. “I want to say again that this is a very treatable cancer and much progress has been made with the medicines patients are given,” the activist reminded readers. “Since last week, so many people have written to me or posted that they have had this type of cancer and have been cancer-free for many decades. Well, I’ll soon be 85 so I won’t have to worry about ‘many decades.’ One will do just fine.” Jane said it’s been “about 3 weeks” since she began chemo, writing, “I must tell you that I feel stronger than I have in years,” and noting that she’s been “walking” and “working out” because her doctor advised her that movement was the “best antidote to the tiredness that chemotherapy can cause.” After acknowledging she’s battled breast cancer in the past — “I’ve … had a mastectomy and come through very well and I will do so again,” she wrote — Jane reiterated that she’s “painfully aware” of the fact that she can access “top-drawer treatment” for illness, unlike so many Americans. Calling the discrepancy “a travesty,” she vowed to “continue to fight for quality health care for all.” In closing, Jane reminded readers that fossil fuels aren’t just the “primary cause of the climate crisis,” but the “emissions also cause cancer as well as other major health problems like birth defects, childhood leukemia, heart attacks, strokes, lung disease and preterm birth. We have it within our power to change this and I intend to do everything in my power to do so,” she added, assuring fans, “This cancer will not deter me.”

Police called to Madonna’s video shoot in NYC

Madonna’s still causing a commotion at 64. While shooting a new music video with rapper Tokischa in New York City’s Washington Heights neighborhood on Monday, Sept. 5, the Queen of Pop’s project was shut down by police, according to Page Six. Madonna and Tokischa were reportedly filming a video for their as yet unreleased track “Hung Up” when neighbors began complaining about music blasting out of car speakers on the set close to midnight. A rep for the NYPD said the situation was “corrected,” however, and “no summonses were issued.” Madonna, Tokischa and their dancers relocated to an indoor set for the rest of the shoot after the police visit, a source told the outlet. “Hung Up” reportedly draws on elements of the Dominican Republic’s Dembow sound, in honor of Tokischa’s Dominican heritage.

The Weeknd shares voice update after he was forced to cut LA show short

After losing his voice onstage in Los Angeles on Saturday, Sept. 3, The Weeknd has announced he expects to get back to performing very soon. “Doctor says my voice is safe and with rest i’ll be solid and able to bring the show my TORONTO fans are waiting for,” the singer shared on social media Tuesday. “LA date is being worked out soon,” he added. “Thank you SO much for all the love and understanding that’s come my way. i love you all so much … XO.” The Toronto performance, slated for Sept. 22, was already rescheduled from an earlier date after a widespread cellular outage in Canada forced The Weeknd to shut down the production. On Saturday, he was singing “I Can’t Feel My face” when his voice gave out, according to TMZ. He reportedly darted offstage briefly before returning to fill the crowd in on his voice situation, while looking “visibly devastated” by the sudden change in plans. He has yet to announce a do-over date for L.A.

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