Kourtney Kardashian: Black Lives Matter? Only My Life Matters!

According to a scathing new editorial, Kourtney Kardashian is a hypocrite, a phony and the most disappointing of all Kardashian sisters.

Indeed, while sister Kim is best known for men beating off to her bush via a sex tape with Ray J, the author of this fiery takedown does not even attempt to beat around a single bush at all.

Allow us to explain why…

Back on June 3, Kourtney seemed very “woke,” this article argues.

She shared a photo from a protest in response to the killing of George Floyd and wrote along with it, in regard to her company, Poosh:

We pledge to continue the conversation when racism and inequity cease to be a trending topic.

We pledge to do the work required, not just in this moment but in the future, to keep ourselves educated, to keep the doors open for safe and honest dialogue, even if it’s uncomfortable.

And we pledge to share this information with you, our community.

We are committed to highlighting black and minority owned businesses, their products, and their stories, as well as making a conscious effort to ensure our team of collaborators and our content and imagery always reflect the diversity of our community.

Poosh will also be making donations to the NAACP and the The Bail Project, two organizations that are committed to creating a more equal and just society for Black men, women, and children.

God bless us and God help us.

Well said, right?

Kourtney later quoted the bible and did help to amplify some African-American voices via her wildly popular Instagram page…

… but just a month later, Kourtney was back to focusing far less on Black Lives Mattering and far more on her own love life mattering the most.

Consider the following post, for example:

Kourtney shared it amid rumors that ex-boyfriend Scott Disick and Sofia Richie were back together — not long after they allegedly broke up.

Seems like a pretty clear subtweet, you know?

Especially when you consider the endless chatter that Kourtney and Scott will eventually reunite.

And, to many critics, it also seemed like a sad instance of a celebrity once again acting like she has perspective on the bigger societal picture…

… only to quickly regress and make it evident she only really cares about herself.

In June, this mother of three was using her platform to promote Black-owned businesses.

She publicly acknowledged her “responsibility” to providing a better world for her kids, nieces and nephews.

Moreover, she encouraged her supporters to educate themselves on the #BlackLivesMatter movement. How nice, right?!? And refreshing!

Just a few weeks later, though, and Kourtney has stopped sending these messages.

So has Kim Kardashian, but let’s face it: Nobody expects much from that former amateur adult video participants.

And so has Khloe Kardashian, but same thing: She’s all busy getting back together with Tristan Thompson.

But Kourtney?

The sister who always seemed to shun the spotlight the most and who seemed to have her priorities most in order?

For her to just acknowledge the Black Lives Matter movement temporarily? To seemingly toss up some posts to merely come across as someone who cares about the world at large?

This has caused her to go from “woke,” according to the aforementioned editorial, to a “joke.”

And it has made her “most disappointing sister of them all.”

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