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A Funny Episode Goes On YouTube Before The Final. You enter Get It Beautiul 2017When you enter Get It Beautiul 2017 everything about the place seems very strange, yet very exciting at the same time, you see people wearing masks and costumes standing around in odd angles, you wonder if youre not going to be able to see them, but you get used to it as you walk around, but suddenly you notice a sign on the wall which says, Danger. Do not step in front of or behind the camera. This isnt exactly the type of place you want to be, not to mention the whole point of it is to be a part of something which you dont want to be in. You walk over to the camera and try to look around the outside of the building, but you cant make out anything of any useful use, in fact you notice that there is a lot of machinery and other strange things. You walk back towards where the masks are located and are relieved to learn that a lot of them are still there, and that you arent the only one who has found them, a lot of them have messages written on them. I just found these and thought you might like to see them too, here they are, a lot have been written, I tried to make them as readable as possible. Some of them are messages to you, some are about other people, and some are just funny. A lot of them reference the island and some other things. Some are kind of sad, but a few laugh at the jokes. I think these should be of some use to someone. Its almost like the people who made Get It Beautiul 2017 have had all of this information shoved in their heads to some degree, or at least it seems so, youre beginning to see the same strange shapes youve been seeing on the island. You see the same thing from the outside, and it looks very strange. The messages continue, So, if you find these, they may provide some clues to who created Get It Beautiul 2017. There are so many strange things about it, it will probably sound crazy to you, but try to believe me. I dont think Ill be making this up if I am telling you who created it. You take one of the masks and read out the message on it, This mask was given to me by a beautiful young woman, who was so upset by the fact that you were destroying her island that she wanted.

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