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Well guess what, that guy is going to be the next president of a country where plastic surgery is rampant. Re also very, very scared, So if you could just convince Mr. Park to allow the trip, you could show him around the place before he makes his decision. You could also go to the hospital, the one that Dr. She might very well know something of interest. Lee worked at a hospital until you arrived at Mrs. D rather not incur the expense of this plastic surgery. Which leaves only the two places you can see as having any potential to offer you any information. You could also try one of the hospitals in your own neighborhood, but after spending so much time working with Mrs. T already been to before, no matter how much the lady at the front desk tries to convince you otherwise. Re walking down the street, when you hear some sort of announcement. You turn to leave, when suddenly you spot a black van parked directly in front of several signs. The van suddenly revs up and you hear some sort of alarm blaring. You turn to the right and see several people running from the van. You shout and start running for the emergency exit. The van rams into you and you are then thrown to the ground, causing you to hit your head on the asphalt. You hear a voice shout and then nothing. Re hearing is the sound of your own screaming. You attempt to lift yourself up and find it nearly impossible, your whole body hurts and the pain is still there when you attempt to think about anything other than the pain. Your legs feel limp and it almost makes you weak to even try to move them.

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